Bright Village Project Description

The “Bright Village” Project


A Practicing Community of Adidam Devotees

Project Overview

On September 12, 2015 the Valley Fire swept through Lake County burning over 76,000 acres and destroying over 1300 homes . Of the over 3,000 people who were left homeless 140 were devotees of Adi Da Samraj who lived close to the Mountain Of Attention retreat and meditation sanctuary, and served there in critical support functions.

The need to recover from the Fire has presented us with a rare opening – to potentially rebuild in an explicitly cooperative and, also fire-wise and environmentally friendly, fashion.  Adi Da Samraj explicitly called not only His devotees, but all of humankind, to establish creative forms of cooperative living, both as a support for spiritual practice and as a fundamentally sane and practical way to live. He also gave extensive instruction on the central role of beautiful and conscious architecture and environments as primary humanizing and spiritually potent aspects of cooperative life.

On this basis, the Bright Village Project is seeking to develop housing for 40 people on approximately 7 acres of land across the road from the Mountain Of Attention. It is our expectation that most, if not all of the residents will be active practitioners of Adidam and will participate in the upkeep and life of the Sanctuary.

In addition, the Project looks to create a vibrant Community Center including dining, meeting and eating facilities for the nearly 300 members of Adidam living nearby.


Current design ideas are focusing on building between three and five “clusters” each of which would house 7-9  people in private quarters (with private bath and efficiency kitchen). These private units are envisioned to be available in three or four sizes and layouts that could be “mixed and matched” for any particular cluster. Each cluster would also have a large (600 square foot) common space with washer/dryer, larger kitchen and capacity for larger but still intimate gathering (with, for example, a large screen TV), analogous to a “kitchen and family room” of a large private home.  On the drawing board now are a

  • 250 square foot studio
  • 500 square foot one-bedroom
  • “split” unit that has two 300 square foot rooms connected by a shared bathroom and mini kitchen (total of 750 square feet), which could be either shared by two people or used by one person who wanted a separate office, workshop or other room
  • 900 square foot two-bedroom, one bath unit

bv-1br-sketch-2 bv-shared-single-sketch

In addition to the “clusters” the Project envisions a Community Center large enough to hold meetings for 100 people or seat 50 for a meal. It will be designed to be expandable in the future if needed. Also part of these common facilities would be a meditation hall large enough to seat 30-40 people. These facilities would also be open to and supported by the larger Adidam Community, both immediate neighbors in the Seigler Springs subdivision as well as throughout the area near the Mountain Of Attention. The Community Center could also host the wider Cobb Mt. and Lake County Community.

We currently envision four models for participation in the project:

  1. Owner-Occupant – who will purchase or finance the purchase of a unit and who intends to live there.
  2. Owner-Landlord – who will purchase or finance the purchase of a unit but who does not intend to live there at present. Such a unit will be available for rent
  3. Renter – rentals will be managed by the Project, so there will not be individual renter-owner agreements or relationships
  4. Investor – who may choose to either own a specific unit or units and receive the rental income from that unit (similar to #2) or who makes a loan to the Project to be secured by rents and mortgage payments. We hope that some of our supporters will decide that the Bright Village Project can be a part of their long term investment portfolio. A full investment prospectus is available on request.

Of course we are also happy to accept donations to the project. During the development phase tax deductable donations can be made via the project’s 501(c) 3 fiscal sponsor (if you wish to make a donation please ask  for more information). Many people have already donated to the project and several of the key participants have made significant donations both in cash and in land.

The Village has been established as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with explicit legal Operating Agreements that describes how ownership and occupancy will be defined and managed, how investments, equity and liquidity will be accounted for and how ongoing operating costs, debt service and contingencies will be taken care of.

We hope to finance as much of the project as possible from among members, friends and family of the Adidam community although some additional bank financing may also be required.

Daily life in the Village will be managed cooperatively, on the basis of a legal “Home Owners Association” with formal codes, covenants and restrictions or a similar structure. These will be a separate set of agreements from the LLC Operating Agreements (though complementary).

Our current financial (August 2017) modeling projects that our costs to be in the neighborhood of $200/ square foot, including soft costs (project management, legal, permitting, management, debt service), altough actual costs may be higher. Development costs for the Community Center facilities will be additional but will draw on the entire Lake County Adidam community.  We are also pursuing some potential funding available as disaster relief associated with recovery from the Valley Fire.